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Avatar Game


About Avatar Game

Avatar Game is the ultimate running adventure game inspired by the movie Avatar. Your mission is to overcome obstacles to reach the land of Na'vi and Pandora.

The return of the movie Avatar has become a craze for fans throughout the past time. That's why the game of the same name was born to bring about the exciting journeys and real discoveries of Jake Sully in the world of Na'vi.

This game has 2 main characters, Ship and Robot.

- Robot has the ability to run super peak and overcome obstacles easily. This character is inspired by Avatar 1.

- Ship rides the sacred mascot in the sea of Pandora to the new world with his family in Avatar 2. Its ability is super-flying. Ship represents Jake Sully.

The gameplay is extremely simple. You only need to control the character to overcome the obstacles that are walls, spikes to run to the finish line and move on to a larger level. You can choose one of two ways to move that is to fly over obstacles if you play the role of the Ship character. You can run on slopes if your character is Robot.

The interesting thing about this game is that you can play with 3 different levels. With graphics and characters are also changed.

  • Stereo Madness: In the Na'vi forests, the race is normal.
  • Back On Track: At Pandora Bay, compete with jumping pads.
  • Polargeist: The race through the forest of souls with jumping rings.

For the best experience you have 2 modes to play the game.

- Normal mode: You will have to return to the starting point after death.

- Practice mode: If unfortunately died, you can return to the previous checkpoint instead of having to start again.

How to play:

Use mouse or spacebar.


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