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Dreadhead Parkour


About Dreadhead Parkour

Dreadhead Parkour is a game that challenges the acrobatic skills, and skillful moves of a Dreadhead performing beautiful parkours to reach the destination.

Coming to the game Dreadhead Parkour, we will play the role of a real Dreadhead, performing acrobatics, sliding, jumping in the air, and overcoming obstacles that are spikes, nails, and barriers to the finish line most perfect. Remember to collect coins on the way to buy items and increase your power.

Is your Parkour skill rated number one? Join the game with countless challenges waiting for you and awaken your dormant potential. The thrill and excitement will be evident in this game.

One more attraction of this game is the graphics and the sound is catchy. It matches the speed of the player and each level of the game. Each action will be described with realistic sounds accompanied by acrobatics, sliding, jumping, and whistling. The image is not too bright, but it creates a pleasant effect for gamers. Overall, it's harmonious and has a strong charisma.

How to play

  • Run right - Press the D key.
  • Run left - Press the A key.
  • Jump - Press the W key.
  • Slide - Press the S key.


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