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Car Rush


About Car Rush

Car Rush is a high-speed car race in three different worlds. Complete 9 levels of the game, Set new records, and become a racing legend of the world.

Car Rush offers the best racing experience on the planet with classic tracks, amazing scenery, bright colors, and many obstacles. With 3 different worlds and a total of 9 racing levels. Players are immersed in a perfect world full of competition. Feel free to explore and find your own limits, which have been a mystery for so long.

The goal of the game is to adventure at speed on a racing car to conquer 3 worlds with 9 different levels. Control the speed well and show great driving skills.

Players can only complete each level in turn to unlock the next levels. Get in the car, start the engine, control the speed, and start the race. Complete the race within the time allowed. When the time runs out and you haven't reached the finish line, the race is considered failed, but you still have the opportunity to play again until you complete the mission.

On the track are countless difficult turns, and other cars are running on the road. To complete the goal, you need to have good speed control skills. Avoid obstacles but do not affect speed.


  • Experience nostalgic gaming with retro-style graphics.
  • Complete each level to unlock the next level.
  • Competing with time is a pressure but also creates motivation to strive.
  • The racetrack is very diverse, with many unexpected elements.

How to play

Use arrow keys.


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