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G-Switch 3


About G-Switch 3

Discover new and optimized features in the exciting version of G-Switch 3. Run and Conquer maximum speed at different levels with gravity control.

The launch of G-Switch 3 with new features and improvements compared to previous versions has satisfied players' long wait.

The goal of the game is to conquer levels by avoiding obstacles and deadly traps. These are sharp spikes, fire pits, and countless other dangers.

Players need to be skillful and flexible in how they move. Gravity transformation, running upside down on ceilings and walls in special cases.

The gameplay is very simple, you just need to click or tap the touch screen and you can control your character to conquer every location and explore each map of the game.

The game offers 3 modes for players to choose from:

  • Normal mode: Players take turns conquering levels with increasing difficulty.
  • Endless mode: You will be given 2 lives. It will help you go the furthest in endless mode. The score will depend on the distance traveled.
  • Multiplayer mode: Up to 8 players can play on the same device. And the Winner is the one who travels the farthest distance.

How to play

  • Player 1: Left mouse button.
  • Player 2-8: Define it from the game menu.


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