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Poor Eddie


About Poor Eddie

Poor Eddie is a game of protecting a man, navigating him through obstacles to the finish line. Help him get where he needs to go without any injuries.

Eddie plays the role of a poor man. Being put into force majeure situations and must complete all tasks to reach the finish line. The game will give players resilience, courage, and not give up before all difficulties even in the worst circumstances.

Eddie will have to work continuously. He must find a way to reach the finish line. Sometimes there are support items such as springs, and buttons, but all create lethal actions. He can be thrown into the air by a trampoline or thrown into a pit by an exploding bomb. In addition, there are rotations full of sharp spikes. The stone wall can be crushed if not passed through in time.

Sometimes Eddie will encounter simple obstacles such as just standing on a wooden bar and pulling along to overcome the spikes, but sometimes the challenges are very difficult when the obstacles move continuously. Need to determine the right time to go through or you will lose your life immediately.

Can you guide Poor Eddie to the finish line? let's challenge now with the game Poor Eddie.

How to play

Use the mouse to play.


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