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Turbo Moto Racer


About Turbo Moto Racer

Conquer all roads with complex terrain in harsh weather conditions with the game Turbo Moto Racer. Accelerate and reach the finish line on time.

Turbo Moto Racer is an extremely breathtaking high-speed motorcycle racing game. Players will experience a very realistic racing feeling on different roads. Travel on the highway at super-fast speeds, circling around densely populated city areas with super steering skills. Especially in harsh weather with rain, lightning, and darkness, players will definitely practice great driving skills.

Turbo Moto Racer offers players 4 game modes including Career mode, Endless mode, Time Trial mode, and Free Rade mode. Players will gradually enjoy, explore, and open each game mode to feel the interesting and exciting things that the game brings.

The thrill of the game is time, speed, and distance. You will own an extremely modern large displacement racing car with a powerful engine. Need to control the motorbike to complete the distance within the allowed time. This is very difficult because there are many vehicles on the road. With your driving skills, you need to skillfully avoid them and speed up to get ahead. With rainy weather conditions combined with darkness, moving quickly is very difficult. But if you don't move at the right speed, you cannot reach the finish line with the previously set time.

Step by step conquer challenges to become the best motorbike racer.

How to race

Use arrow keys.

  • Accelerate: Use the up arrow.
  • Turn left: Use the left arrow.
  • Turn right: Use the arrow to the right.
  • Brake: Use the down arrow.


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